Subject Re: [IBO] Tree
Author Dany M
rudi_josic wrote:
> Hi all,
> and excuse may english.-
> I saw the properties Istree in the TIB_Query and some TreeOptions in
> the TIb_Grid, but a can't find more information how to use it to build
> a tree using IBO, I'm looking for examples or help files or something
> to guide me to do it.
> if anybody knows, and wish to show me the way... it will be very
> apreciated.-
> I use IBO 4.6A eval and Delphi 7.
> Thanks in advance.-

My humble understanding of this is that the properties in the TIB_Query
and TIB_Grid is work in progress. See the ReleaseNotes.rtf and scroll
down some versions. The tree component that showed up some versions ago
does not have anything to do with these properties and uses it's own
tree making modus operandi. With that one I think you'll have to read
the source.