Subject Re: How do I install v4.6 into BCB2006 - SORTED
Author tickerboo2002
> > I've installed it by opening the project files with the Delphi
> > personality
> I wish I could get that far. Which project file did you load,
> IBO40_D2006.bdsgroup?
> Didn't it complain about not finding IBO40xxx_D2006.bdsproj files?
> I'm loading this into the BDS2006 Delphi Win32 personality.

I opened up the .bdsgroup file and manually changed the .bdsproj
extensions to .dpk. This allowed me to load the .bdsgroup file and
compile the projects.

Had a slight glitch on IBO40WSxxx because I (think) don't have websnap.

Components have now been installed into BCB2006.