Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBObjects in Delphi 4 and Delphi 6
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:48 AM 3/02/2006, you wrote:
>Helen, let's first focus on Delphi 4.
>I deleted IBObjects using the uninstaller, and for certainty I deleted
>all *_D4.bpl files on my computer.

Oops. The Uninstaller hasn't been implemented, AFAIR. You've
literally got to do a rigorous cleanup.

>Then I restarted the computer and
>reinstalled IBObjects 4.6 only for D4 with
>Not all the packages I need were installed so I load and compile
>IBO40FDT_D4.dpk, but I get an error:
>File not found: Deflate.obj while compiling ZLib.pas. This was the
>error I got earlier with the installation of Delphi6!?

Are you certain that you are not accidentally selecting the CPPB package?

>So I deleted all packages and installed it manually. Installing
>IBO40FDT_D4.dpk again produced the error.
>The bpl-output path is set to C:|Windows\System32 and there I find the
>bpl's. The .dcp-files are put in the root of IBObjects
>Please, can you help me once again?

Yes, but because I have 5 versions of Delphi on my dev machine, I
will not use anything but the ...Raw... kit. (Sorry, but the
installers just wreck everything here.)

I will install on D4 and try to follow up any errors that occur.