Subject Re: [IBO] Installation IB Objects in Delphi2
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:49 PM 2/02/2006, igor_46@... wrote:
>Is there anybody who can install IBO on Delphi2?

Pretty unlikely. The native data access components *might* work in
Delphi 2; the visual components and design-time editors won't
work; and the TDataset-compatible components won't work.

>What version of IBO need??

The last release that was likely to support Delphi 2 was IBO 3.7, but
only the native IBO components.

Go to the IBO community website ( and
create an account there. (We will need more than just your webmail
address: full name and street address and preferably a proper ISP
email address).

Next, send a private email to <mailto:hborrie@...>,
providing me with your username and password, and I will set you up
with a v.3.7 kit under Trustware.