Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBObjects in Delphi 4 and Delphi 6
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:36 AM 2/02/2006, you wrote:
>I need to install IBObjects in Delphi 4 and in Delphi 6 so I
>downloaded and are trying to install it.
>I encounter the following problems:
>Delphi 4
>After the installation the IDE of Delphi 4 contains the packages
>Core components
>Native Data Access components
>Tools components
>I need at least
>Forms and Dialogs components
>Native Data Access components
>TDataset components
>Tools components
>... so I load and compile IBO40FDT_D4.dpk, but I get an error:
>Internal error P327

For Delphi 4,

1) Remove the packages that the Components|Install components applet
is displaying; then close Delphi.

2) Use Search to find all of the "..._D4" BPLs and copy them into the
system directory, e.g. into windows\system32 on XP.

3) You might have to do the same with the DCP files, except move them
into your IBO root directory instead of the system directory

4) Then restart Delphi and use the "..." dialog to locate and install
the IBO packages.

5) D4 is such a temperamental beast that you should next try to do a
"Save All" if it is available, then close and restart Delphi.

6) If it didn't "take" then double-check your system paths and
repeat 4) and 5).

>Delphi 6
>After the installation the IDE of Delphi 6 contains the packages
>Core components
>Internet extensions
>Native Data Access components
>TDataset Internet extensions
>Tools components
>.... but they where not checked in the packagelist. I did that
>manually. After closing and restarting Delphi the checkbox near the
>Tools components isn't checked any more.
>Here I also need at least
>Forms and Dialogs components
>Native Data Access components
>TDataset components
>Tools components
>... so I load and compile IBO40FDT_D6.dpk, but I get an error:
>File not found: Deflate.obj while compiling ZLib.pas

D6 has a different problem. In D6, Zlib.pas is already contained in
the Uses hierarchy *somewhere*. Look at my reply to Paul Hope on
this subject from a couple of days ago. It didn't cure Paul's
problem but it does need to be done in order to get the IBO40VRT_D6
package to install. The components that are "missing" after your
install are all ones that need the ...VRT... and ...VDT... packages,
which are broken by this Zlib.pas bug.

But - this *specific* error message seems to indicate that you might
have tried to install the C++ Builder package by mistake...?

Also, I strongly recommend that you do NOT try to install IBO for
multiple versions of Delphi in a single run of the installer. Check
off all options except for the *one* you want to install; then
re-run the installer for the other version.

Myself, I have abandoned the installers totally and use the ...Raw..
kit. The current (outdated) version of the IBO help file tells you
how to do this; or download the HowToInstall document from your
download space for a more recent version.

FWIW, I'm currently working on an updated help file. It's not far
off, maybe a day or two, but I'm heavily engaged with other things as
well right now (Fb 2 beta 2 release and assisting Jason with the
Trustware thingie, to name but two...)