Subject Re: [IBO] Applyupdates doesn't work (TDataSetProvider+TClienteDataSet+TIBOQuery)
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "bernardoisaac" <bip_ingenieria@...>
> Ok Helen,
> many thanks for your patience.
> >It's totally not needed for 2-tier and it
> >has too many shortcomings to be useful for n-tier
> >work with a transactional, MGA database
> >architecture.
> Now, I had thought about 3-tier and IBO because I think I need a thin
> client and a SQL Engine.
> what kind of solution would you take in this scenario?
> scenario:
> 10 POS 486 windows 3.11 working alltogether and working with a heavy
> database (It is a supermarket).

What about a GNU/Linux, Thin terminal server (ltsp), WINE emulation
I suggest you to have a powerful server machine with GNU/Linux
installed (I suggest you debian unstable distro, or also, as second
choice, kubuntu).
Install there Firebird for Linux (you can use the debian package
Install also Wine windows emulator (, it runs
IBO fine as long as I've tested, and test if your program runs as well
(you *could* have to "grab" some original .dll for Windows to fix some
problems (i.e. rich text edit support), or maybe not if your program
is simple.
Then if your Delphi 7 + FB client for windows program runs under Wine,
you can deploy a thin client solution using your 486 as X-Servers,
have a look at:
for details, or if you have some money to spend for a very low power
solution, look at those thin clients:
or use google ;)
best regards
Marco Menardi