Subject RE: [IBO] Help with dataset only containing one record, the last inserted record, inside the AFTERACTION OF AN IB_UPDATEBAR??
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:35 PM 27/12/2006, Adrian Wreyford wrote:

>Sorry Helen, a small typo.
>masterlinks property of the IB_QueryPhotos.
>I noted about the spaces, and changed it to:
>? Why are the spaces so important?

Not having them is important. The IB_Stringlists need it this way,
can't recall why (though I do recall sometime back Jason mentioning
that he would change it so that the parsing would ignore whitespace
around the equals sign....maybe you are using some older version...

>? Why was the query working elsewhere?

Dunno, sorry. Not enough evidence to determine the offence, let
alone the offender.

>I'll go through my code and check this carefully, for more errors.
>?Did you reverse the order purposefully.
>The master is ANIMAL, and the child is ANIMALPHOTO.

I reversed the order on the false premise that you intended
AnimalPhoto to be the Master. Re-reading the beginning of the
original posting, I see that you didn't. Blame the Panforte - too
many hazelnuts!

I dunno what all that pages and pages of stuff is at the bottom of
your posting but could you somehow configure your email/news client
to NOT send it to 2000 fellow list-users?