Subject Re: [IBO] IBS_Base more questions...
Author Dany M
Just wanted to say, after all this trials and bullying (joke) that
connecting the event to make the worker wakeup worked like a charm. This
is some really beautiful stuff. Thanks,


Jason Wharton wrote:
> It may be the transaction in the schema cache for when metadata queries are
> performed.
> It will eventually timeout or you can explicitly cause it to close if you
> really want to.
> No worries about the tone, you did just great.
> Jason Wharton
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>> Jason Wharton wrote:
>>> The reason it sets the IsWaiting to true when a transaction
>> is ( Started =
>>> true ) is because the service app should remain involved to
>> a higher degree
>>> until all transactions are closed. If there is something
>> causing your
>>> transaction to remain ( Started = true ) then you should
>> figure out what it
>>> is and resolve it.
>> Figuring out is what I do for *several* hours, always, before
>> posting :)
>> My transaction was never started outside of the
>> DoServiceItems. Maybe I
>> should have been clearer about that.
>> After a some more prodding I have found out that it is an internal
>> transaction of the connection (or maybe session) that is
>> getting started
>> after the new connection has been established. What I can not
>> figure out
>> is a) why it is left opened and b) why it does not happen when the
>> service is started in the first place.
>> If I put the following code after the call to connect in then
>> EstablishConnections procedure:
>> <code>
>> cn.CloseTransactions;
>> </code>
>> or
>> <code>
>> for I := 0 to cn.TransactionCount - 1 do
>> cn.Transactions[I].Commit;
>> </code>
>> then all is fine and the annoying "hang" of the IsWaiting
>> flag dissapears!
>>> If you have modified versions of IBO source files I prefer
>> to receive the
>>> entire file. If it is based on a previous version of IBO
>> then I also prefer
>>> to receive both the modified file and the file it was based
>> on. I prefer to
>>> use my DIFF tool to handle these types of changes.
>> I regret that the discussion about this was in another
>> thread, but you
>> replied that you would get back on this but that it will take
>> some time.
>> That is all fine. I just included this in the message if
>> there would be
>> any chance that the two problems were related (which I do not
>> think they
>> are). I was merely trying to clarify myself.
>> The sample states that it is not intended to run. The reason for this
>> eludes me, but since I have only used it to look at and never
>> ran it I
>> cannot trace in the sample and thus it is very difficult for me to
>> ascertain whether I messed anything up or the sample has bugs.
>> I cannot possibly claim to have "correct code" for such
>> elaborate parts
>> of IBO.
>> I apologize again if I'm not clear enough.
>> Regards,
>> /Dany
>> Oh, and I really hope this post does not bear a bad tone. That is
>> absolutely not my intention. English is not my first language.
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