Subject Re: [IBO] Parsing error for Fb 2.0 with derived tables?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
I even think you should take advantage of this new feature, Jason. If
I recall correctly (no IBO nor Firebird at my parents place where I'm
now), IBO reports an error if trying to get the record count of a
UNIONed set. I would expect

select count(*)
(select a from tablea
union select b from tableb)

to work with Firebird 2.0 (though, admittedly, I haven't tried)


--- In, "Jason Wharton" wrote:
> > It's a new SQL Language feature in Firebird 2 - known as Derived
> > Tables. See page 23 of the release notes (page 33 if you are
> > following Adobe page enumeration).
> I recall seeing derived tables in the release notes and at the time
> I was plowing through them I didn't foresee that there would be any
> problems with the as IBO tends to be very cautious about how
> statements are sent to the server as close to what the user supplied
> SQL is. I pass through all that I can. Where the problem came
> about is I didn't foresee that the KeyLinksAutoDefine would stumble
> on it.
> The fix for this was really quite simple fortunately.
> Jason Wharton