Subject Re: [IBO] Applyupdates doesn't work (TDataSetProvider+TClienteDataSet+TIBOQuery)
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:55 AM 23/12/2006, you wrote:
>Hi, Iam developing a 3-tier app. Although I'm new in this tecnology,
>developed several client/server apps.
>This is the scenario: in the middle-tier I 've a DataSetProvider linked
>an IBOQuery and in the client side I 've TClientDataSet linked to de
>The problems is that when I fire ClientDataSet1.ApplyUpdates(-1), it
>doesntupdate my interbase table.
>I've tried using a TTable conected to a Paradox Table and it works well.
>What could be happening?
>some especial property i shoud set in TIBOQuery, TDatasetProvider or

1. What is the SQL for the query?

2. If it is a single-table SELECT, do you have RequestLive true and
KeyLinks properly set?

3. If it is a multi-table SELECT, do you have XxxxSQL properties
defined and proper KeyLinks, and have you tested them to see whether they work?