Subject RE: [IBO] IBO40_D2006.bdsgroup
Author Jason Wharton
I'm trying to figure out why those were removed. They shouldn't have been.
I've looked through past versions of IBO and apparently they have been
removed for quite some time. I'd prefer to restore them instead of
modifying the project group file.

What is the significance of the bdsproj file anyway? I admit I have not
been overly studious about all the new stuff that is in the IDE because of
the need to maintain backwards compatibility.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] IBO40_D2006.bdsgroup
> loading this gave me lots of invalid references
> In IBO40_D2006.bdsgroup I had to replace all *.bdsproj by *.dpk
> old:
> <Projects
> Name="IBO40CRT_D2006.bpl">IBO40CRT_D2006.bdsproj</Projects>
> new:
> <Projects
> Name="IBO40CRT_D2006.bpl">IBO40CRT_D2006.dpk</Projects>
> the bdsgroup file for D2005 seems to have the same problem
> after that, installation went smoothly.
> HowToInstallRawSource.txt is not
> quite up to date, it does not mention *.bdsproj files at all
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> Wolfgang