Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Firebird Backup and Restore
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan ,
> This with reference to the former mail. Thanks for your reply I feel
> we have just lost track of our discussion ..
> Pls note that
> 1) Presently GDS32.DLL is not there in the system folder path . We
> use FBClient as the client dll and we haven't renamed it to gds32.dll.

I am still reasonably careful/mindful of which of my applications need the
client library to be named gds32.dll and which ones can use the name
fbclient.dll. They are both the same file but eg. unless you modify the
source code of IBX components, an app written with these components will
expect to find gds32.dll even though it's an FB1.5/2.0 version client.
I was guessing from the error message that IBOAdmin looks for gds32.dll
since that's what it said. Your app written with IBO 4 will work fine with
gds32.dll too. Try it. Make sure there is only one client lib on the path
and make sure it's renamed gds32.dll. Then see if your error message

> 2) Is it so that IBOAdim's backup service work only if gds32.dll is
> present !!!!!

I'm guessing. I still use gds32.dll name for apps which use IBOAdmin.

> 3) Our assuption is that Firebird does not need a gds32.dll . It uses
> its own FBClient .

FB does not need either really. It's your application which needs to load a
client library. Call it what you want - whatever you want, as long as the
application code thinks it's the firebird client library and it can find it
and load it, it will work fine. If you have IBO source code you can look for
and find the code which loads the client library. You will see that it looks
first for one name, then the other before it tells you that it can't find
the client library. If you modified the IBO code to look for myclientlib.dll
instead, and renamed fbclient to myclientlib.dll, then everything would work
Hope this part is clear.

> 4) We also tried copying the gds32.dll to the system folder WIN98 .
> We also tried copying it to the database path. If these paths are
> wrong were should it exactly be kept?

now your'e talking.... WIN98. That's probably important information. There's
lots of hickups with WIN98 - is this the client only? are you running FB as
an application on this as the host as well? WIN98 doesn't support services.
There are also other issues with up to date system files with WIN98 - I
forget now but searching this forum at will shed some light on
this subject.

> 5)if IBO Admin requires gds32.dll copying this file to the system
> folder will it cause a probs with further realeases for firebird?

ensuring that you are using the matching client library version to the
server version you are connecting to is always important. Since all these
version are running together now, I never put the client lib in the system
folder. Always in the application folder. That way no paths get searched,
you are always in control of the version which matches your server and
application code. Most admin tools now also permit specifying the exact
client lib you wish to use for a specific database. I have FB1, 1.5 and now
2.0 servers running with apps connected to each in their own way. I have one
admin tool, IBExpert, and it uses different client libs for each
database/server I administrate.

> 6) Pls note that we are using
> 1) Delphi 5
> 2) Firebird 2.0
> 3) IB Objects 4.0
> 4) IBOAdmin for D5 25 Jul 2004 Release

The only other thing I can comment on here is that I do not put in my
applications, code to do a backup restore unless it's being used in embedded
mode (thus the clever file-nameing convention in my backup code). I don't
want every tom dick and harry creating a backup. I certainly don't want
anyone doing a restore. I leave C/S backup/restore features to a separate
backup feature on the server only. That way I can do a test restore every
night if I wish and email myself if the test restore results in an error. I
then always, manually, with my eyes wide open, once a year perhaps (never
more frequently than 6 monthly, do a real backup/restore cycle. Nightly
backup with garbage collection is a healthy thing to do.

> Thanks and Regards
> Niegil Thomas