Subject RE: [IBO] DBase export, wrong fieldnames
Author Jason Wharton
Wolfgang wrote:
> I just tried TIB_Export for the first time with IBObjects 4.6.Bc
> The DBF field names it generates are wrong. It appends parts
> of the field names of the previous export. I have two objects
> TIB_Export. The first one executes correctly. The second one
> uses parts of the field names of the first one.
> Correct DBF field names:
> ID
> FJ
> MA
> but it does
> Before this one I executed another TIB_Export with the field names
> How can I work around this? Would version 4.7 have a fix?

Evidently I am not properly wiping out the buffers.

This is a critical bug for sure.

I'll get this fixed ASAP and it will be in IBO 4.7.

For now, use two separate TIB_Export components until I get this fixed.

Jason Wharton