Subject RE: [IBO] IB_SQL
Author Jason Wharton
> I'd like to have syntax highlighting under my Christmas tree :)
> I thought about using SynEdit but I think it has an incompatible
> license, looks a bit abandoned, and is maybe too complex :(

It might also be possible to purchase a license to a control that I could
include the run-time packages for and then if people want to build IB_SQL
custom then they would have to get that editor themself. Otherwise, I
believe I should have the ability to distribute the run-times which would be
all that was necessary for the IBO component editors.

So, I will loosen this up to if you find a good solid editor that allows
royalty-free run-time distribution then I'll pay for the license and
incorporate it into IBO.

I tried SynEdit some time ago and I simply did not like it. I may even be
willing to take a stab at it myself since I already have all the parsing
written. Not until IBO v5.x for such a feature as this. I agree it would
be very welcomed, I've wanted a good editor in IB_SQL for ages but continue
to just use the Delphi editor and copy and paste.