Subject RE: [IBO] Empty Error Message Problem
Author Jason Wharton
Helen wrote:
> At 08:12 PM 20/12/2006, you wrote:
> >I'm currently using version 4.6.Bc, which has a known issue:
> >when an SQL statement is incorrect, the TDataset based
> >components return an empty error message with the exception.
> >
> >If I understand Helen correctly, I could go back to version
> >4.6B but there also seems to be a patch available. What is
> >better? Go back to 4.6B (without c) or apply the patch?
> >Where can I get the patch?
> It's not recommended to use the patch, as there are many issues in
> 4.6Bc that the patch doesn't address (including the one you mention
> in your Subject) and some that the patch itself creates. For now,
> you have two options: revert to 4.6B or pick up the latest beta
> build (I think it is Beta 12) from the Files area of the list.
> Jason, please update me if the situation has changed lately...I have not
as yet released Beta 12 yet.

Some of the issues I have been chasing in IBO 4.7 were actually long
standing ones that had me looking in the wrong area to fix them. Thus, I've
been held back in my progress some. Not to mention I had a rollout at work
and my dad visiting from being in Samoa and lots of family Christmas stuff
going on.

I'm getting very close to a production release of IBO 4.7 so if you don't
have something you need to release in the very near future I highly
recommend working with the 4.7 version.

Jason Wharton