Subject Re: [IBO] IBS_Base more questions...
Author Dany M
Jason Wharton wrote:
> The reason it sets the IsWaiting to true when a transaction is ( Started =
> true ) is because the service app should remain involved to a higher degree
> until all transactions are closed. If there is something causing your
> transaction to remain ( Started = true ) then you should figure out what it
> is and resolve it.

Figuring out is what I do for *several* hours, always, before posting :)
My transaction was never started outside of the DoServiceItems. Maybe I
should have been clearer about that.

After a some more prodding I have found out that it is an internal
transaction of the connection (or maybe session) that is getting started
after the new connection has been established. What I can not figure out
is a) why it is left opened and b) why it does not happen when the
service is started in the first place.

If I put the following code after the call to connect in then
EstablishConnections procedure:



for I := 0 to cn.TransactionCount - 1 do

then all is fine and the annoying "hang" of the IsWaiting flag dissapears!

> If you have modified versions of IBO source files I prefer to receive the
> entire file. If it is based on a previous version of IBO then I also prefer
> to receive both the modified file and the file it was based on. I prefer to
> use my DIFF tool to handle these types of changes.

I regret that the discussion about this was in another thread, but you
replied that you would get back on this but that it will take some time.
That is all fine. I just included this in the message if there would be
any chance that the two problems were related (which I do not think they
are). I was merely trying to clarify myself.

The sample states that it is not intended to run. The reason for this
eludes me, but since I have only used it to look at and never ran it I
cannot trace in the sample and thus it is very difficult for me to
ascertain whether I messed anything up or the sample has bugs.

I cannot possibly claim to have "correct code" for such elaborate parts
of IBO.

I apologize again if I'm not clear enough.



Oh, and I really hope this post does not bear a bad tone. That is
absolutely not my intention. English is not my first language.