Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Grid: Painting in rest space area
Author Jason Wharton
Andreas wrote:
> If there is only a small number of rows in grid there is a free/blank
> region of grid's client area. (See mark in screen shot at [1])
> What is the best approach to paint in the fixedcol area outside last
> displayed datarow?
> I'm using a TIB_Grid so I hope my question is not to much off topic.
> [1]

Not off-topic at all.

I don't recall exactly how that is handled. I know there are numerous
events that give you customized control over painting.

Are you comfortable digging in the code of IB_Grid.pas to see if you can get
a hook where you need it?

What do you have in mind to do? Seems you would like the fixed rows to
continue uninterrupted to the bottom always? My guess is you will have to
manually paint them and it may not be easy.