Subject Re: [IBO] Events: app freezes when registering events
Author tickerboo2002
> Should be quite easy. The problem here is that someone has blocked
> off all the unused TCP/IP ports on the server. Could be a Windows
> update, or could be just a tightening up by the network admin. The
> server needs to have at least one open port free and available for
> events traffic.
> When a request to register events arrives, the server asks for a
> TCP/IP port (any will do.) By default, it is just random
> ask. However, if the network admin doesn't want to keep say 4 ports
> open and allow them to be accessed by the server and the house
> clients then you can specifically set aside on using the
> RemoteAuxPort parameter in firebird.conf. Of course, this port has
> to be open to the LAN and you have to stop and restart the server for
> the setting to take effect.

Thanks Helen.

I realise this is not strictly IBO releated...

They are running Windows 2000 server. My app connects to port 3050
and 3051 for events (I've changed firebird.conf). The strange thing
is the application was working fine, then on Sunday it froze at 2pm.
Only a server reboot would allow my app to run again.

On Monday, the same thing happened at 1pm.

On Tuesday, the same thing happened at 12 noon.

...strange pattern, runs for 23 hours then pop!

When the app freezes whilst registering the events, the server appears
fine, CPU usage is normal etc. They have looked in the server event
logs (there's nothing in the firebird log) and found an error just
prior to the client freeze, something about Windows being unable to
upload the registry file. I'm looking into this.