Subject RE: [IBO] Invalid Insert Statement: No columns
Author Jason Wharton
> Similar code works fine in similar situations elsewhere in the app.
> I think it's more than just reserved words. In addition to the
> reserved word "Date", DESCRIPTION won't match "Description" nor
> CODE, "Code".
> I guess what I'm really asking is if it's true that the stuff in the
> log is actually what is being used to send to Firebird? In other
> words, if the log text is separately generated and the field name
> quoting is broken at that point, that's a shame, but no big deal and
> the problem I'm having may be due to something else in my code. If,
> on the other hand, the field name that's in the log text is actually
> what Firebird sees, that's a problem.
> I found by stepping into the IBObjects code that the fields in the
> internal dataset have no data at all. I'll see if I can figure out
> just why this particular piece of code is different from the many
> similar ones in other parts of the application.
> Michael D. Spence
> Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.

That log text is actually just code all by itself in the sql monitor, but it
still can indicate where a problem might exist.

I need to spend more time with all this.