Subject Re: SPAM-LOW: RE: [IBO] Creating duplicate database through scripts
Author Lee
Jason Wharton wrote:
> Lee wrote:
> > I have managed to extract the metadata of a database,
> > but I am trying to figure out how to run it using IBO.
> > I think I'm a little confused about how the connection
> > works when creating a database.
> Use the IB_SQL tool and put the script in the dialog for running scripts.
> It's on the TIB_UtilityBar control that is on the connection tab.
> You can also write your own little program and just use the TIB_Script
> component yourself (connected to a TIB_Connection and TIB_Transation
> component) to load the script and execute it.
> Your script can contain a CREATE DATABASE statement in it or you can create
> your own database manually in some other way.
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton

Hi Jason,

I've tried this but keep getting an ISC error from FB(1.5) saying that
an implicit transaction start was necessary or something or other when
trying to run the script gained from IB_EXTRACT component.

Is there an example of usage available?


Warm Regards,