Subject RE: [IBO] Boolean fields question
Author Jason Wharton
> up to version 4.6Bc boolean fields in ColumnAttributes were
> represented as
> Now in 4.7 beta 10 I have seen that they are represented as
> Is it correct? Anyway I have manually switched to the old
> representation for
> the time being.

Yes, this is correct. Entries *may* be escaped but they don't have to be.

I added numerical digits to the list of characters to escape because
numerical digits are used when certain ASCII characters are escaped. I can
probably remove this if it seems too annoying, I know its annoyed me some
already when I see how much its affecting things. But, it does allow the
full range of ASCII data to be represented in the stringlist properties by
what I've done and by escaping the numbers I eliminate a potential source of
ambiguity when looking at characters from right to left.

Jason Wharton