Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery: Wierd stuff happening with simple queries
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:31 PM 11/12/2006, you wrote:
>IBO 4.6.b
>I'm getting the feeling that something bad is happening here.
>I was getting odd behaviour in update queries so I checked everything
>in my db structure and took the opportunity to rename some of the fk
>columns in some of my tables and drop/rebuild the fk constraints as

This is rather vague.

>Most of my tables seem to be working ok, except for 1 or 2 critical
>ones, but things seem to be running slow and now I cant even get a
>simple joined query on the critical ones to be updateable. In
>TIBOQuery the results show OK, but I have to work hard to get the cell
>to accept focus for edit mode, then when I try to save it flips back
>to pre-edit content.

Joined sets are not updateable unless you make them so by providing
valid parameterised DML statements in their XxxxxSQL properties.

>I just created a new simple single table query with 3 columns and the
>results show up OK but I have an extra (un-called for) column on the
>right called DB Key. What is going on? Is this an IDE problem or a DB

It's a DB structure problem, to be exact. You don't have a primary
key on that table.

>(I have been getting some Delphi ide error messages lately)

That's vague too.

>FB2 passes a validation check.
>Perhaps I should uninstall/reinstall delphi and restore from a backup?

It won't be your Delphi installation that needs fixing. IBO 4.6B
doesn't fully support Firebrd 2.0. The upcoming IBO 4.7 will. And
Firebird 2 is much more fussy about correct usage of column
qualifiers in multi-table queries. It's really essential to study
the Fb 2 release notes carefully as quite a number of changes are
likely to affect your legacy apps.

For now, focus on the SQL in the failing queries - not just your
SELECT statements but any XxxxSQL that you have stored there.