Subject RE: [IBO] Converting tables structure from Dbf to FB
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi
> What is the easiest way to convert table with data from dbf to FB?
> Most important is to convert table structure, fields, becasue i got
> lot of dbf tables and i need to put them to FB database, as much
> automatically as it's possible. I tried do something like that:
> SourceDbf: TDBF;
> DestFBtable: TIBOTable;
> DestFBtable.FieldDefs.Assign(SourceDbf.FieldDefs);
> DestFBtable.CreateTable;
> but it doesn't work.
> Data pumpin' seems to be easy, if i got table structure with same
> field names and corresponding field types.
> Regards, Tomek

the clevercomponents data pump provides for ADO/BDE connections and will
pump data as well as creating database structure.
You'll still need to apply some common sense to the outcome, DBF files do
not have primary keys or foregin keys or constraints etc and you will still
need to create generators etc etc.