Subject Re: [IBO] Which is faster? Select First 3000 or MaxRows = 3000 ?
Author Dany M
Jason Wharton wrote:
>>>> It's efficient real-time processing.
>>> Thank you *very* much for your input, Jason.
>>> I suspect the above will be very useful.
>>> Regards,
>>> /Dany
>> Be sure to have a look at the IBS_Base.pas module. Much of
>> what I've talked
>> about is built-in to this base class service module.

I had no idea!!! I tried creating a new service project once but did not
see anything immediate. I will revisit this feature of IBO, for sure.
Currently I based my service on other 3rd party stuff and added IBO
stuff on the way :(

> I should also add that in IBS_Base there are some methods designed to
> process queues (records fetched from a TIB_Cursor) and in one of them I use
> the equivalent of MaxRows to determine a "batch" size that will receive a
> Commit. It would be inefficient to commit for every item of a queue but it
> could also be too long to do an entire batch without ever doing a commit.
> So, to finally arrive at an answer to your question, MaxRows is likely
> faster.

I have found the demos and samples together with the source very useful.
This pointer sound interesting enough. When other matters release their
press on me I'll enjoy having a thorough look. Thanks again. This thread
is archived.