Subject RE: [IBO] Is it possible to change plan of a query?
Author Jason Wharton
> Hi, I've big troubles with FB 2.0 (IBO 4.7beta11) because of the FB2.0
> choosing a "suicide" plan for certain query I use.
> A query, for instances, takes 3 seconds under 1.5 while takes 100% CPU
> for some minutes (well, after a while I've terminated it) with 2.0.
> Is not an IBO problem, since it happens with other FB management tools
> as well.
> I'm using IB_Query, any way to change the plan to a more reasonable
> (and faster) one?
> Thanks a lot
> Marco Menardi

Yes, just include the plan you want in the SELECT statement itself. I
believe the PLAN clause follows the ORDER BY clause.

Jason Wharton