Subject Re: [IBO] Which is faster? Select First 3000 or MaxRows = 3000 ?
Author Dany M
Jason Wharton wrote:
> for me to coach you from the sidelines. I don't think I've ever released my
> service app example code, but it's somthing I really should do at some
> point.

I have implemented a service that synchronizes Outlook with the fb
database. I'm also on to do services for FTS indexes (but I'm still
waiting for my swedish-soundex analogue). Anyway, the general principle
with an incremented log and transaction contexts is brilliant. My only
(ha) problem is when the database restarts or goes down. The service has
to be restarted. Did you implement an reconnecting feature into your
services? Is it doable (I have implemented reconnection into my client
app). Is it needed? Any comments? The thing with these services is that
they listen for events so they need to be connected all-time. Or do they?