Subject RE: [IBO] Copy entire records without specifying the fields? IB_Datapump?
Author Jason Wharton
> >>As Jason mentions, the buffered data now gets copied which
> >>would not be necessary when using the datapump, so I hope
> he has some
> >>minutes to show some example code...
> >
> >
> > Why don't you use the existing sample code in the IB_SQL project?
> >
> > Helen
> Hi Helen,
> Yes, now the pieces of the puzzle come together.
> Thanks for pointing me to this tool!

Drop a TIB_Datapump component on your form or module and hook it up to a
source cursor and a destination statement and then double-click on it and
you get a component editor that will help you.

For those of you who do a lot of this, it is possible to write your own
datapump items that will customize how the data is passed from one side to
the other. I used this quite a bit in data migration applications I had.
There is a lot of functionality here begging to be more fully documented and
I apologize that I have not taken the time. This is actually a very
powerful tool, yet very fast too.

Jason Wharton