Subject Re: [IBO] Copy entire records without specifying the fields? IB_Datapump?
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Another option (not IBO-specific) that should be very quick, is to use
QLI, the ancient command line tool that Ann masters, but is an unknown
mystery to most of the rest of us (before SQL, I think it was the
standard way of communicating with InterBase). I don't know how it
works, and I have no idea whether it will copy records from one table to
another or whether it removes existing records and makes both tables
identical, but take a look at:


John vd Waeter wrote:
> Hi Group,
> I want to copy records from tables in database A to tables in database
> B. Both databases have the same structure. Records in source_table do
> not exist in destination_table.
> Is there a way to read a record from A.table and subsequently insert it
> in the corresponding B.table regardless of the recordstructure (which is
> the same in both tables) ?
> I have about 30 tables to process this way and somehow I think I
> shouldn't write 30 different SELECT and corresponding INSERT statements
> specifying all fields etc.
> Can/should I use IB_Datapump?
> tia!
> John