Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin documentation
Author mspencewasunavailable
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 09:56 AM 5/12/2006, you wrote:
> >I need to let my users do backups and restores from the
> >I've downloaded IBOAdmin, which seems like it ought to be able to
> >what I want, and I've managed to successfully compile and install
> >
> >Is there any documentation anywhere on how to use it? Examples of
> >use?
> Documentation, no. But if you can get hold of the DevGuide.pdf
> InterBase 7, you can more or less work out how to use it. The IB
> beta docs have some info, though it's rather incomplete...maybe a
> search of the Borland website for the IBX documentation will yield
> something you can use.
> Examples - there are some demos of various aspects of usage in the
> Files area of the list that I've put there over the years.
> Helen

Thanks, Helen, the demos were all I needed.