Subject Re: [IBO] New file uploaded to IBObjects
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> > In fact I've 2 issues left, one, important, regarding IB_Grid and no
> > event fired when Control-clicking a cell
> I'm guessing that you are conflicting with the record selection feature.
> Please tell me more about this issue as it wasn't one I had in mind
to fix
> prior to releasing. I may have put it in a low priority category.
Is that if you Ctrl or Shift click a cell, the OnCellClick event is NO
fired. I've sent you one private messages during 4.7beta stage, with
IBO 4.7beta1 - CellClick event with Ctrl bug still present
dated 2006/11/17
and with a screenshot attached of the call stack when it WORKED, so
maybe you can find the point where should be fired but is not.

> > minor, of IB_SQL that has "*.FDB;*.IB;*.GDB" in the
> > search database dialog, but if you pick up a directory,
> > then it returns with only the "*.GDB" mask so Find button
> > finds only *.GDB. thanks
> I've changed it to do *.*db since it would only allow me a single mask
> entry.

Very good idea!

> Regards
> Jason Wharton

Marco Menardi