Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4_7_Beta11_Eval problom
Author Markus Ostenried
On 12/5/06, Jason Wharton <supportlist@...> wrote:
> > I downloaded
> > I uninnstalled IBO in use,next I deleted the file which is in system32
> > holder
> > when IBO4_7_Beta1 installed,The following error message was displayed
> > and this IBO4_7_Beta1 was not able to be installed
> >
> >
> > there appears to be a confict with another installation of ibo
> > please property uninstallation and try this install action again
> >
> >
> > Is the method of installation of me wrong?
> Please zip up and send me the files in the Logs folder.


I'm having a similiar problem. I'm using Turbo Delphi 2006, Windows
Server 2003.
First I removed the previous IBObjects beta10 by
- removing the packages in Delphi
- closing Delphi
- deleting C:\IBO4
- deleting "My Documents\Borland Studio Projects\Bpl\IBO*"

Then I ran the installer contained in ""
(from trustware site). The source files are extracted fine, but soon
after the "about to compile" message I get the error
"There appears to be a conflict with another installation of IBO.
Please properly uninstall prior installations and try this installation again."

The logs folder only contains an emtpy "D2006_IBO40CRT_D2006.log"
file. I had this problem before with beta10. Only with beta10 the logs
folder contained 21 empty log files.

I also notice that the source folder doesn't contain any .bdsproj
files. So if I want to open IBO40_D2006.bdsgroup I have to first open
all .dpk files once so that Delphi creates the .bdsproj files for me.
Otherwise the projects get removed from the project group.

Let me know if you want me to test something specific or need more information.