Subject RE: [IBO] Handling unexpected disconnections
Author Jason Wharton
> I have a few customers are starting to use my FBv1.5 app over a VPN
> and they frequently get diconnected. They usually get the following
> error:
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544721 ISC ERROR MESSAGE: Unable to complete network
> request to host "". Error writing data to the connection.
> An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
> What's the best way of handling unexpected disconnections? Can it all
> be handled centrally using the TIB_Connection component or must I
> handle this at every TIB_Query/TIB_Crusor instance?
> Any ponters would be appreciated.

It's a connection-wide problem. You must disconnect your database and deal
with losing any edits they had in progress. Can't handle this from just a
single query.

Jason Wharton