Subject Re: [IBO] New file uploaded to IBObjects
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> I've also put the kits out on the trustware site for all those who
have been
> active in the Beta program.
> In all actuality, except for a few more issues, I consider this a
> candidate.
> Jason Wharton

Would be very good having your "issues left" list, to check if what is
not yet in beta11 is in that list.
In fact I've 2 issues left, one, important, regarding IB_Grid and no
event fired when Controlo-clicking a cell, and the other, minor, of
IB_SQL that has "*.FDB;*.IB;*.GDB" in the search database dialog, but
if you pick up a directory, then it returns with only the "*.GDB" mask
so Find button finds only *.GDB.