Subject RE: [IBO] Getting started guide? [IB Objects Community Site, Trustware]
Author Jason Wharton
Since this problem was mentioned here I want everyone here to know I take
these matters very seriously and seek to resolve them as soon as I can.

What happened is I was working with a new version of the community site web
server and even though it was tested as working I had made a change in the
database that caused the existing production community site web server to
encounter an exception at checkout time. It had to do with a new column
with a NOT NULL constraint added to the invoice receipt table and it raised
an error when a new record was being inserted (which happens when the
merchant account is sending notification of payment captured).

I was addressing the issue of after checkout and payment if you went back to
the shopping cart the items just purchased were still showing and an invalid
cart id error was raised if you tried to clear the items out or checkout
again. The work around was to logout and then login again to get a fresh
cart. Now, after the order is complete the shopping cart is reset and there
is no problem and the order system works flawlessly.

What I did as a result of this 48 hour problem window (Thanks to Pete
letting me know) was to log in to my merchant account and look at all
payments captured and then I went into my community site database and
verified that the orders were fulfilled properly and notified the two people
affected that I had corrected the issue and resolved it.

Also, while I am on this subject, I've been letting the Trustware License
requests pile up a little bit because I am trying to get my community site
to handle this all in an automated way so that I don't have to have a public
URL any longer. If you are waiting urgently for trustware access please
email me and let me know and hopefully you can just receive a 2MB attachment
and I'll just send the sources that way.

Thanks to all and your involvement in the IB Objects Community.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Getting started guide?
> Hi
> I tried yesturday to order the IBObjects getting started guide.
> Unfortunatly it seemed to let me pay, got an email invoice, but then
> produced and error. Should I have been re-directed to a download page?
> I have emailed JW but not heard yet, I assume we are on a different
> time zones :(
> Pete