Subject Re: [IBO] Re:Record was not located to update / Helen - Answer to Q
Author Johannes Pretorius
Good day Helen

I want to thank you for your e-mails, but just basically want to say that I am not ignoring the people
but are sharing ideas with them as to try and get to the end of the problem. It seems that I might have
offended or gave a misconcept on my intentions and for that I want to say sorry. I am bad in English
thus not always what I type might be correct in the eyes of others. BUT please understand that I
do take everybodies advice into concern and to try and test this.

Basically the BDE/IBO code that you see is the slow path of moving he whole application over to only
IBO. The code is from the master form that is inherited by the other forms. Thus it must STILL compensate for
the normal BDE forms until the convertion is totally complete.

My main problem so far with converting or changing away from Cached updates is becasue I have multiple
other forns that DO work that follows the same concept. It is only this tables that gives the problem.

So please understand that I am gratefull for all help and am testing the best way for us to get to it , until then
I am asking this with the hope that someone else has a solution for this and we can go on as normal

At 10:02 25/09/2005, you wrote:
>I can't tell at the moment what (if anything) you still want by way of peer
>support. You wanted to know the cause. Several people have told you and
>offered advice. You don't seem to want to fix it, so where is this thread

Thanks in Advance

Johannes Pretorius

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