Subject Re: [IBO] Connect Windows XP Clients to Windows 2003 Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:49 AM 25/09/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Firebird 1.5.2:
>I'm attempting to connect a Windows XP client (Delphi with IB Objects)
>to a Windows 2003 Server. The app runs on the server, but will not run
>from the XP client. As it loads, it just stops at some point before I
>ever see the app. I can see the app running on the processes list, but
>I never actually see it on the screen.
>There is an error message "can not find the password database" or
>something like that. On the server and client my GDS32.DLL is v
> and my fbclient.dll is v

That message means that either the Firebird server isn't installed on the
host, or the client is trying to make a local connection to a server that
isn't there. What are the Server and Path properties set to in your

>Possibly related: when I try to run IBOConsole on the server it gives
>an error "Cannot attach to the services manager"

Services manager is a network facility. If you want to use it locally,
you'll need to connect using the local loopback server (localhost) and a
valid tcp/ip connections string.

>What could be wrong?

Quite a few possibilities here. I'm curious what this means:

" On the server and client my GDS32.DLL is v and my fbclient.dll
is v"

They are the same library. You wouldn't be using both of them. If you
didn't do any modifications to IBO, you'll be using the gds32.dll version,
as long as it's in either the exe's path or in system32.


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