Subject RE: [IBO] tOboDataBase Class Not Found
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:43 PM 24/09/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>Right, subject should read "tIBODataBase Class Not Found". The error says
>"Class TIBODataBase not found".
>My unit has always had IBODataSet in the "uses" clause. And, yes, my object
>class declaration includes the TIBODataBase component. Jason says, when
>using IBO components, change from IBdataset to IBOdataset, but I have used
>the latter all the while. That is why I am now confused.
>In the D6 folder I see only iboDataset.dcu (which should be OK).
>I must be missing something...

It sounds like a path problem. Did you remove the old version of IBO
before installing the new one? And what did you actually install, for IBO
4.5x ?

There's a lot of variables here....