Subject Re: [IBO] tOboDataBase Class Not Found
Author Helen Borrie

At 08:40 PM 24/09/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>My form uses tIboDatabase and tIboQuery components to access FireBird. The
>used unit is IboDataSet. I just installed IBO 4.5, and read Jason's note
>that says, if using Tibo components we should rename the IBdataset to
>IboDataSet in the uses clause. However, my uses clause already specifies
>IboDataSet. I was previously using IBO 4.
>When I open my source in the IDE the message is that class tIboDataSet is
>not found. I checked the library path and it includes my new IBO4.5 folder.
>Any ideas appreciated.

Do you have this sorted yet? Your subject refers to "TOBODatabase"
(presumably TIBODatabase), while your message refers to TIBODataset. In
4.5, both are in ibodataset.pas.

All units that refer to the IBO stuff will need ibodataset in their uses
clauses; but that would have been the case with a previous IBO 4.x
version., too.