Subject Re: [IBO] 4.5 Ai Eval installer failure
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:33 AM 23/09/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>--- In, Stepan Liska <stepan@c...> wrote:
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> > Hello,
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> > I've just searched through list archive for the same bug I have running
> > eval installer and I've found, that somewhere should be DCU pack for
> > missing files in it, but I cannot find it on download page.

There were some DCU packs for much older versions of the eval
installer. There are none for the current version.

> >
> > When I run installer it says that maybe other version of IBO is
> > installed and when I try to compile packages manually it ends with
> > "File not found: 'IB_Components.dcu'". I have Delphi 6 Pro.

This is most likely a path location problem. The problem you are
describing seems to occur in some editions of Delphi when you don't set
these things up ahead. The installer creates a root directory but does not
update the library paths in time for them to be visible to the compiler.
(since some unpatched editions of D6 and D7 appear not to save path changes
to disk until you exit from the IDE).

Search your disk for IB_Components.dcu. When you find the location where
the installer has written the dcu files - it *should* be your IBO root
directory - fix up your environment path so that Delphi can find the dcu
files. After updating the paths, exit from Delphi.

Then, *before you start again*, create your IBO root directory and your
output locations AND go into the IDE and set these up in your library paths.
For simplicity, make sure that there is a ..\Projects\BPL directory in your
$DELPHI root AND that your Delphi path knows about it. If you don't,
Delphi will cause the installer to write the BPLs and DCPs in abstruse
places that the IDE doesn't necessarily find.

I would suggest going for an absolutely clean install, both in your IDE and
on disk (searching for and removing "IB_" and "IBO" bits and pieces from
Run the Uninstall applet from Add/Remove programs, to clean out the MSI
entries in the database. However, this does not, unfortunately, clean out
anything else. So find all those IB_ and IBO critters and delete them

-- Then set up the directories you are going to use
---- Then put these into the appropriate library paths ( use Tools>Library )
----- Then shut down Delphi before you try to run the installer afresh, to
ensure that the paths are visible to the installer.

Then, if you still can't get it to go, contact me privately on respond -at
- and I'll try to get you set up with something else you can use.