Subject TIB_Grid doesn't accept edits (Cont.)
Author Roberto Freitas
Thanks, Set.
I've inspected all itens you listed, but everithing is right.
- IB_QueryConta SQL property:
ORDER BY cct_conta
- KeyLinksAutoDefine: True
- KeyLinks property:
(Fields cct_ciireg and cct_ident are the Primary Key's table)
So, problem continues. Have you any other idea?

--- In, Svein Erling Tysvær
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> --- In, "Roberto Freitas" wrote:
> > I'm relatively new with IBO, so I need some help.
> > My program has a DataModule and a Form.
> > In the DM, there is a TIB_Query with a TIB_DataSource, and in the
> > form there is a TIB_Grid and a TIB_UpdateBar both with DataSource
> > property pointing to the TIB_DataSource defined in DM.
> > Nothing special, all trivial, everything setted to the default
> > options. When form shows, the TIB_Grid is populated with records,
> > expected, using a explicit transaction with tiCommitted isolation.
> > But only the Insert button is enabled in the TIB_UpdateBar, and I
> > can't edit or delete any record.
> > What could be the problem?
> My guess is that IBO isn't capable of uniquely identifying each
> record. This is the case if either:
> -you haven't defined keys in your tables
> -you JOIN tables,
> -you don't select any key or uniquely indexed field
> -KeyLinks is incorrect, or
> -KeylinksAutoDefine is false
> In general, the find is to identify the field(s) that uniquely
> identifies one record and write the name of those fields in
> In quite a few cases, IBO itself can figure out what needs to be
> KeyLinks, and in such cases it is enough to just set
> KeyLinksAutoDefine to true.
> Good luck,
> Set