Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Lookup Combo with NULL
Author Antti Kurenniemi
Is it possible to see it? What sort of license do you have for it / is it
for sale?

Antti Kurenniemi

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Re: Lookup Combo with NULL

> Hi
> We have a combo that does this, it has a right click clear option. Very
> simple and quite intuitive, we also added a property for the text of
> what its clearing.
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> Antti Kurenniemi wrote:
>>I'd need to do the exact same thing as you, so if you come up with a
>>"better" (meaning more intuitive for the end-user) solution, I'd
>>if you posted it.
>>Also, I was wondering if there's a component writer around (I've never
>>really made any myself) who could maybe try making a combo that had, in
>>addition to the down-arrow a small "clear" button. I have a vague feeling
>>that I've seen something like that used in some program, but I can't
>>remember wether it felt "right" or not, so it would be cool to test it on
>>some poor unsuspectin user ;-)
>>Antti Kurenniemi