Subject Re: Integer Overflow Exception - TIB_StoredProc
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
In general, SUSPEND should be used with selectable stored procedures,
i.e. those you call using a TIB_Cursor or TIB_Query with the statement

SELECT "refno" FROM "test1"

If you want to use a TIB_StoredProc like you do, you should use EXIT
and not SUSPEND within the stored procedure.

Though this is just what I know in theory, I don't know if it has
anything to do with your error or not.


--- In, "G. Nau" wrote:
> I observe an Integer Overflow Exception after 32769 calls to the
> same stored procedure with IBObjects.
> Is this replicatable on other systems as well?
> Is this somehow transaction related?
> Here's the test StoredProc:
> SET TERM ^ ;
> "refno" INTEGER)
> AS
> begin
> /* Procedure Text */
> "refno" = 1;
> suspend;
> end
> ^
> SET TERM ; ^