Subject Re: [IBO] Initialization code for IBObjects
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:43 PM 29/08/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have a problem where I have 2 applications out of a suite of about
>10 that won't run on certain XP machines.

What does "don't run" actually mean? In what way(s) do they fail? Are
these two applications consistent in the way they fail?

>These applications are
>running perfectly on hundreds of other computers with various versions
>of Windows. The only library that these 2 applications have in common
>and is not used in the other applications is IBObjects.
>I've added logging code into the beginning of the OnCreate methods for
>the main form and the data madule. The main form is created first
>thing and both the main form and datamodule are auto created. Nothing
>happens in the dpr except the normal stuff that Delphi puts there. No
>log is created which means that the OnCreate method of the main form
>never even fires.

In your DPR, have you taken explicit care of the creation order of forms
and datamodules? That is, taking care that the DM is created before any
forms that contain controls that use it, etc.

>Can anyone tell me if there is anything in the initialization code for
>the library that could cause this? Any other ideas?

1. Are you sure that IBO is looking for and loading the correct client

2 What about hard-coded database paths that might be lurking around in
statement objects? (quite a common legacy in converted projects!)

3. In case the IBO element is coincidental, are you sure that the
Microsoft C and C++ runtimes are installed on the problem servers?