Subject Re: [IBO] FieldsDisplayFormat
Author Eko Sudarusman
In the original version of sample code of "Client/Server concept", content stringlist property of DmEmployee.ibSalaryHistoryTable.FieldsDisplayFormat are :


But ... it doesn't work, and still release error messages frequently "4.25 (or something float value) is not a valid integer value".
If I delete all contents of FieldsDisplayFormat, error message dissapear though value appearance of float/numeric field column not such as I expect.

E. Sudarusman

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Subject: Re: [IBO] FieldsDisplayFormat

> At 09:34 AM 29/08/2005 +0700, you wrote:
>>I am new participant in this forum.
>>At the time of me starting to try the IBOBJECT demos,
>>specially for "Client/Concept server" which the example-code exist in
>>"CSDEMO" directory,
>>I found error message "4.25 (or something float value) is not a valid
>>integer value"
>>each time I shift-up or shift-down record in SALARY_HISTORY table.
>>But ... If I clear empty of ibSalaryHistoryTable.FieldsDisplayFormat -->
>>error message not show-up, but column field display format of OLD_SALARY,
>>NEW_SALARY and PERCENT_CHANGE are very bad.
>>Please help me, how to fixed it the problem of FieldsDisplayFormat
>>property ...
>>Note : I try it above using Delphi7 and IBobject 4.5-Ai-eval
> It appears that the display format you had was not applicable to the data
> type of the data. How did you set it up? How do you want it to be?
> Helen
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