Subject RE: [IBO] list of users
Author Alan McDonald
> Ok... thanks for the info. The reason for the question is that we have
> a little server setup utility, that adds a single user that is used on
> all clients for our application (so we're not using sysdba etc).
> We add the user using the TIB_Connection.alterUser procedure, and I'd
> just like to make it a little more intelligent, so that it could check
> to see if the user already exists on the server before attempting to
> create it again (sometimes people run our utility multiple times...)
> People do run the utility on the server itself.
> How do applications such as IBExpert get their list of users for a given
> server? Do they use the services API or somehow connect to the security
> db remotely without having to know its location?
> Regards,
> Peter Lee

if you're using IBObjects (which of course you are), then get the free
componen set from the user contrib section. The BDS components give you a
full library of stuff for managing users.