Subject Re: [IBO] list of users
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:37 PM 27/08/2005 +1000, you wrote:
>As I understand the TIB_Connection.Users property tells us who is logged
>into the current database... just wondering if it is possible to get a
>list of users that are present on the server that you are connected to,

No. Only the SYSDBA, in server-wide context, would be privy to enough
information to retrieve that.

>without connecting to the security database?

The connected users are not stored in the security database, which is used
only for authentication. It is the server that stores the info about
current connections, and it uses privileged structures in server memory to
do so.

You could write a two-step app for the SYSDBA, using a
TIBOServerProperties, that first iterates through all of the databases on
the server and then connects to each database in turn, reads the
IB_Connection.Users property of that databases, and builds a list the users
as it goes.

For the list-building operation, which doesn't use the Services API, only a
local connection at the server would return all of the attached users. A
remote connection can only see the users logged on from its own node. I
think this would rule out being able to get the full list for a Windows
server that is running Classic, since you can't make a local connection to it.