Subject Re: [IBO] Decimal separator
Author fingerclick2000
Thanks Helen, you are great. :) More one time saving me. Really thanks!!

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 09:42 PM 23/08/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> > Hi to all board.
> > Does anyone knows if are there any way to set the decimal separator
> >from ibo, or, at least, from firebird?
> You do it from Delphi, using the variable SysUtils.DecimalSeparator.
> the VCL help, if you click through from the index entry for
> DecimalSeparator, you can see a full rundown of all of the formatting
> variables that can be set. If you set these in your DPR unit, you
> have to be concerned about them further.
> >I know i can set it in the
> >operating system and from there firebird sets it,
> I don't quite know what you are referring to here. Firebird doesn't
> numbers at all. Indeed, it doesn't format any type of data.
> >but i need to always force it to dot( in my state it is comma ).
> Provided you set the local format variables in Delphi the way you
> them, Delphi will always display them in the needed format.
> What you do need to cater for specifically is the case where you read a
> number from the Text property of a control, that you want to apply to a
> parameter, a dataset field or an arithmetic expression.
> -- This practice should be avoided with data-aware controls (read
the value
> of the field in the dataset, since the dataset manages the value
> independently of the text display).
> -- With non-data-aware controls, you will have to employ a decoding
> to convert the string to a format that is valid for converting to
the SQL
> data type. If you use a TMaskEdit for such input fields, you can
> this quite easily.
> -- Don't overlook the usefulness of the ParamName property of the
native IB
> data-aware controls. When you have a parameterised query as your
> statement's SQL, this property allows you, for example, to display a
> TIB_Edit datalinked to the same IB_Datasource as the fields of the
> link the control to a parameter name, and use the control to capture
> input value for direct assignment to the parameter, without you
needing to
> decode a Text string by your own means. When using the control for
> ParamName, leave the Datafield property nil.
> Helen