Subject Re: [IBO] Redundant records in a result set.
Author Lester Caine
Terry V. wrote:

> This is my first post here in this forum and I am glad to be here. My
> question is probably going to be a fairly elementary one. Anyhow, I am
> attempting to pull some information out of a PO table and one of the records
> is referenced twice, thus it is displayed twice. This redundancy is unwanted
> and I am wondering how I would filter the data in the SQL statement so that
> only the first instance of this record shows. Any help would be appreciated.




> Also, I hope that I am not to far off topic my question deals more generally
> with SQL and not necessarily IBO.

Using the above will probably need some help from the firebird support
list - where you will get more SQL type
support ;)

Lester Caine
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