Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup field problem
Author willy_metra
Hello Helen,

sure, no prob.

> 1) what components you are using
IBO 4.5B

> 2) what you have done so far ("I have lookup field defined" tells
us nothing!)
I'm creating IntraWeb standalone app for intranet company complex
phone-contact book. Have 2 tables (PERSONS and DEPARTMENT) with 1:n
relation, every employee have some department ID.

> 3) what you are doing with it
Have defined lookup field for Department.ID and NAME lookup.

> 4) what you are expecting to happen when you do what you do
Works fine, until i update the record with Edit, FieldByName, Post
methods, then lookup field doesn't show any value.

Thank you for any kind help.

P.S. Helen, i like your book about the FireBird, but it seems to be
quit expensive, isnt' it, please?