Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Searching by range
Author Jason Wharton
This capability could be added to IBO fairly easily. I'll look into adding
it to the feature list. In short, we would need to agree on the rules for
parsing out the search criteria and have it also be internationalized too.

Suggestions for anything different here than what Jeff has proposed?


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> Subject: [IBO] Re: Searching by range
> Hi Jason,
> > Also keep in mind, when in search mode you can put IN(
> val1, val2, val3,
> > ... ) or BETWEEN val1 AND val2 and it will work just fine.
> Never thought there is so much power in IBO's search mode until now.
> The BETWEEN syntax could easily accomplish my purpose in the original
> post, accomodating searches by range. I would like to nudge it a
> little more for the sake of the user's convenience. For example,
> instead of typing BETWEEN <val1> AND <val2>, or IN(<val1>,<val2>,...),
> the user could simply type <val1>-<val2> and <val1>,<val2>,... for the
> BETWEEN and IN syntax respectively. That is if there is an event that
> fires before the actual search, so that the input criteria can be
> parsed and replaced with the correct syntax. I know there is an
> aftersearch event of the TIB_Query, but I'm not sure if this fires
> before performing the search. My question is, is the aftersearch event
> appropriate for this purpose? (Can only test not until midnigt today).
> Jeff